The LongPlayer Legacy performance was an absolute success. The idea of playing to an intimate audience in a ancient lighthouse over looking the millennium dome was just spectacular! In celebration of Black History month we played the piece called “The Funeral March”

The composition had the piercing voices and samples from Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Darcus Howe, James Baldwin, Loui Franklin and more bringing to light the oppression of black people throughout history.

The piece fed in and out of dark and light shades with a truthful and often pessimistic look on the state of our society and its slowness to change in regards to the human rights of black individuals.

The texture of double brass, french horn, frugal horn, ambient guitars and vocals was a powerful feeling and a dramatic statement as it danced with The Longplayer and accompanied its droning algorithmic nature.

Keep a look out for our Podcast with Ella Finer who curated the whole event and a live stream of the performance.