Life On Stilts

I went on a trip to Cambodia with a charity called The Dignity & Hope Foundation. I spent a week in Cambodia with a team of charity workers and became overwhelmed with sadness and shock by the poverty and terrible conditions children and families live amongst.

I was dubious and nervous to put up these images at first as I am against any form of poverty tourism but I have published these in hope I can raise awareness and money to go towards the charity which in turn will help the people in some way.

Some of the stories were eye opening and profound, some were filled with happiness and hope and others were devastatingly sad. It was an eye opener to the realities of the greed and ridiculous things we ponder over in our capitalist societies and how important it is for us to take responsibility and try and make a difference with a world view. Coming back to the music industry and a “pop artist” lifestyle felt disgusting.

When I say make a difference, I don't mean it in a ‘western saviour mentality’ format either. I mean it in an altruistic way where we can support communities to in turn help themselves with a wider scope to reconstruct the infrastructure of their wider community. 

I found an article that was very eye opening about a specific “theory of alturism” and it was quite inspiring to absorb and start to try and use in my every day life. ARTICLE

This photography exhibition is called Life On Stilts. I named it this because very much like the houses I saw on my travels, which often were perched on stilts, almost in the form of a balancing act, children and families are balancing much of their lives on incredibly feeble stilts often trying to survive and get through a very challenging world.  

We spent a lot of time talking to the children and their families asking them about their experiences and lives.

Every person I have photographed has given me permission to use the photographs.

We are currently designing the photography book which will be available to buy in December. All the proceeds to the photography book will go towards the The Dignity & Hope Foundation.