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The Future Self project is an immersive, multi-disciplinary practice led by Vanessa Price aka FutureSelf.

FutureSelf explores humanities through collaboration, curation, music and visual arts.

The 34-year-old from rural Northamptonshire is lots of other things and is more than just a singer, formerly know an V V Brown.

But who is she ? A survivor. A striver. A Marks & Spencer model. A role model to other young black women. A musician who’s been dealing with record labels and been embroiled in the music industry for almost half her life. A singer who loved her big pop moment, when her hit 2009 single Shark in The Water helped her debut album Travellng Like The Light sell half a million copes in the US alone, as well as propelling her to the top of the charts in France. An indie artist when she began releasing her own electronic records with critical acclaim. A writer, a journalist, a video director, an online e-commerce director, a consultant, a lecturer at Goldsmith University and a Mother. 

She now starts a new exciting journey into something she has always wanted to do and puts her qualifications of sociology and politics alongside her experience in music to good use.

"I am so excited to go into a free environment and experiment and explore subjects about the world in a much more conceptual way. I am open to live,challenge myself and most importantly learn"